Auto ID

Auto ID, a feature exclusive to Ultratec TTYs, automatically notifies the person you are calling that you are using a TTY.  Auto ID was developed specifically to stop TTY calls from being mishandled.  Before Auto ID, TTY users were often hung up on because people did not realize a TTY user was on the line.

Auto ID automatically sends signals letting the other person know you are there.

In an emergency, Auto ID alerts detection equipment in 911 centers to identify your TTY call. This saves valuable time in a crisis. If the call is answered by a hearing person, they will hear the signals and should realize that you are there, using a TTY.

Auto ID sends signals every time a call is made. It is truly automatic – you don’t have to do a thing! Plus, Auto ID won’t interfere with your conversation, as it stops sending signals as soon as another TTY responds.

When Auto ID is sending tones, you will see “Sending ID” on your TTY display. This is to let you know the tones are being sent. Auto ID should not be confused with Caller ID, a phone service the telephone company provides to identify the caller’s name and phone number information. You would need to contact your telephone service provider for Caller ID questions.

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