What to Look for in an Amplified Phone

Amplified Telephones increase the volume of a traditional telephone call, helping you to understand more clearly over the phone. To help you choose the right amplified phone for you (or your loved one), here are some factors to consider:

1. Volume Level

Amplified Phones can increase the volume of the caller’s voice anywhere from 20dB to 50+dB. Some people will need just a little amplification, while others may benefit from higher volume levels. The best bet is to select a phone that has adjustable volume control, letting you set it to the volume that works best for you.

2. Tone Control

In addition to increasing the volume, some amplified phones allow you to adjust the “tone” of the incoming sound. This enhances high (or low) sound frequencies, such as the voice of women or young children, making it easier to hear those frequencies that you may have difficulty with. Tone control also filters out background noises. Because each individual’s needs will be different, look for an amplified phone that offers adjustable tone control.

3. Hearing-Aid Compatibly

If you are a hearing aid user, make sure that the handset of the amplified phone is hearing aid compatible. Our knowledgable sales team can provide helpful tips and instructions for the best way to use amplified telephones with your hearing aids.

4. Flexibility

Some amplified phones are designed to meet a specific type of hearing loss. In many cases, however, your individual hearing abilities will be unique. Your hearing needs may even change over time (or change on a day to day basis!) We recommend you consider the flexibility of an amplified phone, making sure that it can be fine-tuned to your individual hearing level and that it can accommodate your specific hearing needs as they change over time.

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