Turbo Code

Long before the Internet or cellular data was available, TTYs were designed to communicate using Baudot communication protocol, the same code used by AT&T in the 1950s to transmit telegraph messages. While Baudot code is highly reliable and accurate, it has a slow transmission speeds and sends information in only one direction at a time.

Ultratec introduced TTY users to a new, faster transmission protocol called Turbo Code™. Designed specifically for TTY communication, Turbo Code lets you send and receive characters via TTY as fast as you type. Plus, Turbo Code lets you interrupt one another, providing a more natural, back and forth feeling to TTY conversations.


Turbo Code TTYs communicate with all TTYs, no matter what protocol they use. The Turbo Coe TTY automatically detects which code the other TTY is using, and connects in the most appropriate code for both TTYs.


With Turbo Code, TTY users are in complete control of the speed, because it sends and receives characters as fast or slow as you type. Baudot-only TTYs with memory may let you type fast, but they send the information at the same constant slow speed that TTYs have relied on for year.  Turbo Code sends your words exactly the way you type – fast or slow – and lets you receive information exactly the way your caller types it – fast or slow.


Turbo Code is fully compatible with TTY services such as Relay and 911 Emergency Services.

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