What is E-Turbo?

Advanced Technology for TTYs

E-Turbo™ stands for “Enhanced Turbo Code”, an advanced Ultratec technology for TTYs that makes calling through Sprint Relay Service even easier. E-Turbo eliminates most of the interaction between the caller and the Communications Assistant ( CA ) by automatically passing on the details of the call to the relay service.

With E-Turbo, TTY users can simply dial the number of the person they are calling. The E-Turbo TTY automatically connects the call to Sprint’s Relay Service and passes on the right phone number. The TTY also notifies the relay CA of details such as which long distance carrier to use or whether the caller is a VCO user. All of this happens automatically, so the TTY user does not have to “set up” the call with the relay CA .

More Questions:

How does E-Turbo work?

TTY s that include E-Turbo allow people to program in their relay preferences, such as whether they are VCO users, whether they’d like a male or female CA, and what long distance carrier they’d prefer to use. Each time a relay call is placed, these details are automatically passed on from the E-Turbo TTY to Sprint’s Relay Service, thereby eliminating the need to “set up” the call with the CA.

For example: in current relay calls, the TTY user first dials the relay telephone number, then gives the CA details about the call, such as what number to dial, which long distance carrier to use, whether to explain relay to the other party, or whether to use VCO or not. By contrast, relay users whose TTYs include E-Turbo merely push a “relay” button, then dial the number of the person they are calling directly. Their E-Turbo equipped TTY handles the details of connecting to the relay service and automatically passes on the caller’s preferences (such as long distance carrier of choice, VCO preference, etc.). Because this exchange is done automatically “behind the scenes,” the TTY caller does not have to interact with the CA. This brings the relay experience much closer to “functional equivalence” with traditional voice calls.

Relay Calls WITHOUT E-Turbo:

  • You first dial the relay telephone number.
  • You give the CA the number to dial.
  • You give the CA details of the call setup, such as which long distance carrier to use or whether to use VCO or not.
  • The CA sets up your call preferences, then dials the number for you.
  • Your call is connected.

Relay Calls WITH E-Turbo:

  • You press the “relay” key on your TTY, then dial the number you want to call.
  • The TTY automatically connects to the relay service, and passes on your caller preferences to the CA.
  • Your call is connected.

What are the benefits of E-Turbo?

  • Allows TTY users to dial the phone number of the person they are calling directly, instead of first dialing the relay service.
  • Eliminates the need for interaction between the CA and the TTY caller at the start of the call.
  • Automatically sets up relay calls to the TTY user’s individual wishes.
  • Makes relay calls faster / more efficient by automatically handling the details.
  • Brings relay calls closer to “functional equivalence” with traditional voice calls.

What is Dial-Through?

Dial-Through is a feature of E-Turbo. Dial-Through lets the TTY user directly dial the phone number of the person they are calling, instead of first calling relay and giving the CA a number to call. Dial-Through is possible on E-Turbo TTY s, because users can pre-program in the phone number for their relay service. Then, when placing a call through relay, the user merely presses a “relay” button on the E-Turbo TTY , and directly dials the number of the person they are calling. The E-Turbo TTY automatically connects the call to the relay service, and passes on the phone number to be dialed.

Which Ultratec TTYs include the new E-Turbo capabilities?

  • All new Superprint Pro80 models (manufactured after May 2002), including:
    • Superprint Pro80
    • Superprint Pro80 with ASCII
    • Superprint Pro80 LVD
    • Superprint Pro80 LVD with ASCII
  • All new Superprint 4425 models (manufactured after Oct. 2002), including:
    • Superprint 4425
    • Superprint 4425 with ASCII
    • Superprint 4425 LVD with ASCII
  • All new Supercom 4400 models (manufactured after Dec. 2002), including:
    • Supercom 4400
    • Supercom 4400 with ASCII

I don’t have an Ultratec TTY. Can I get E-Turbo capabilities?

No, E-Turbo technology is available only in TTYs manufactured by Ultratec.

How do I know if my current Ultratec TTY already includes E-Turbo?

  • Make sure you have a new Ultratec Superprint Pro80 series, Superprint 4425 series, or Supercom 4400 series TTY
  • Look for the “E-Turbo” sticker on the box
  • Press the [Options] key, then scroll through the options menu. “Turn E-Turbo on” will be listed as an option if your TTY includes E-Turbo capabilities. If it is not listed, your TTY does not include E-Turbo.

What relay services work with E-Turbo?

At this time, Sprint is the exclusive relay service to support E-Turbo capabilities. Should other relay services choose to offer E-Turbo capabilities, Ultratec will post a list of E-Turbo capable relay services on its Web site.

In what states is E-Turbo relay available?

E-Turbo capabilities can be used with all Sprint Relay Services, nationwide.

Is E-Turbo capability available through the Sprint National Relay Service number?

Yes, E-Turbo is available through the Sprint National Relay Service at the numbers below:

  • (800) 877-8973 (Voice/TTY/ASCII)
  • (877) 826-2255 (VCO)
  • (877) 787-2660 (Speech to Speech)
  • (800) 435-8590 (Spanish)

My state relay is not Sprint. Can I use E-Turbo on my relay calls?

No, E-Turbo technology is available exclusively through Sprint Relay at this time. TTY users of other relay services or in other states will not yet be able to enjoy E-Turbo benefits unless they use the national Sprint Relay. Please refer to the Ultratec Web site, www.ultratec.com , for an updated list of relay services supporting E-Turbo.

If my TTY does not include E-Turbo, will I still be compatible with Sprint Relay?

Absolutely. Your relay calls will remain exactly the same as they have always been.

What relay calling details can I set up automatically on my E-Turbo TTY?

  • Automatic Voice Carry Over (VCO)
  • Automatic 2-line VCO
  • Preference for male or female CA
  • Indicate if you are a Braille user
  • Braille users control the speed of display transmitted by the CA
  • Do not explain relay to the hearing party
  • Do not type recordings
  • Do not announce relay
  • Automatic Hearing Carry Over (HCO)
  • Long Distance Carrier of Choice
  • Language Preference — Spanish or French
  • Request do not “dial through” in order to provide instructions to the CA

Is E-Turbo the same as Turbo Code?

No. E-Turbo is an enhanced version of Turbo Code, but they are not the same. E-Turbo TTY s offer all of the same benefits of Turbo Code, plus the additional benefits listed below.

Major Benefits of Turbo Code

(Included in all Ultratec TTYs since 1993)

  • Allows “real-time” TTY transmission at the same speed information is typed.
  • Lets TTY users interrupt one another.
  • Allows for a natural back-and-forth flow to TTY and relay conversations.

Additional Benefits of E-Turbo

(E-Turbo TTYs include all the benefits of Turbo Code listed plus the following)

  • Allows relay users to dial the other party directly instead of first dialing relay.
  • Automatically connects the relay service to the call.
  • Automatically handles call set up by passing the caller’s preferences to relay.
  • Ability to control the data transmission speed to suit your reading needs.


My TTY includes E-Turbo, but I am not able to Dial Through my relay calls? Why not?

  • Check the Options Menu in your Superprint Pro80, Superprint 4425, or Supercom 4400 to make sure that E-Turbo is turned on.
  • Make sure that you are calling through a Sprint Relay Service.

How do I report if I have technical problems using E-Turbo with relay?

  • If you have problems with the TTY , contact Ultratec at (800) 482-2424 (V/TTY).
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