Training Videos

Get the most from your Ultratec TTY with these training videos designed to lead you through the setup and specific demonstrations of commonly used features. The videos are open captioned for easy viewing.

Videos are available for:

  • Superprint 4425 (please specify if you have a Superprint 4425 with ASCII at the time of purchase)
  • Uniphone 1140

Ultratec TTY Carrying Cases

The Compact Carrying Case is solid and impact-resistant for durable protection.

The EZcom Pro Carrying Case is designed for the EZcom Pro’s small, streamlined profile.

Use the Soft Carrying Case for any of the following:

  • Superprint 4425
  • Miniprint Series
  • Minicom Series
  • Supercom 4400
  • Superprint 4225

TTY Paper

High-quality thermal paper. Choose the 2 ¼” for Superprint 4425, Superprint 4225 or Miniprint Series TTYs.